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First Meeting & Preliminary Contract


Upon meeting Mark, you will get an opportunity to communicate your vision for your new renovation, extension or home, and get personal, tailored advice for your situation from a wealth of 30 years building experience. You will receive a quote outlining the scope of the work and how much the cost will roughly be.

We then move to a preliminary agreement which includes 3D drawings of your new project with floor plans, so you can visualise the finished product. We also carry out all the paperwork necessary prior to writing up a finished contract. These include engineer designs for foundations, a soil test, an energy efficiency assessment, a title search and all certification processes.

This process is important because it allows us to catch the most costly problems before they arise. Things like build over sewer permissions and relaxation permits, boundary issues ect. are all sorted out, so you have peace of mind.


QMBA Contract Signing

Once all the work in the preliminary contract is carried out, we then move to signing the main building contract. These contracts are supplied by the Queensland Master Builder Association, which means both builder and client have the utmost amount of support when it comes to contract signing. Each contract allocates risk fairly, outlines obligations in detail, and complies with legislative requirements.

The QMBA contract details the payment plans, conditions, requirements and scope of work in an easy to understand language. It also details how much time the builder has to complete the work, and how much work . 


To find out more about the QMBA contracts, click here.


Commencement Of Building Works


As your building work is carried out, we will notify you of any selections that have to be made, these selections usually refer to aluminum window colours, tile selections, kitchen finishes, door styles, door locks and handles, security screens ect. We detail in the contract the allowances for these items so you know upfront and there is no guesswork.

You will also receive our builders prices on item such as tiles and doors. So for example if we had allowed $30/m2 for tiles, and the retail price of a tile you preferred was $45/m2, you would have to pay for the difference. But with our buying power and trade prices, you benefit, and these exact tiles can come down to $28/m2, saving you $2/m2 which is then rebated back directly to you.


Variations To The Contract

As the building works progress, it is only natural to want to add to your extension, or change some aspects of the building works. At Mark Wilson Design and Build, we are very flexible, and any variations to the contract are discussed with you in detail and written up as a separate quote and supplement the original contract. This means you are covered by the original contract, and you know up front how much the alterations will cost. 

We pride ourselves on communication, which is why we do not carry out any alterations until they are signed and agreed upon, and both parties have a copy. We also carry out our communication in writing, which minimises any disagreements, and provides quick resolutions if any issues were to arise.


End Of Contract & Final Certification

Once the final stage of the contract is realised, the final payment is calculated and any adjustments made, with full clarity so you can see exactly what credits you are receiving from the builder. The final checks are made and before hand over, Mark will go with you through your new home, extension or renovation and discuss any issues that you have with the final product. Once these issues are rectified and you are happy with the work, we hand over the keys.

The Building Services Authority or BSA enforce a six and a half year warranty on the structure. Which means as time goes on, if you are not happy, you have full legal standing, as well as Mark Wilson Design and Build's 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Click here to find out more about the BSA and what they can do to protect you.


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