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Our Standards.

Termite Protection.

Many of us are familiar with the sight: untreated pine framed houses being built all across subdivisions. Literally food for termites. Many builders say that they are allowed to use untreated pine in structural timber because the Building Code allows for it, they don't even have to install a chemical barrier around the perimiter of the home. This is true.


However, then the responsibility is for the owner to inspect the perimiter of the house. This is all well and good, but what about the second owner? The third? What happens after two to three years where firewood is stored under the eaves against the walls? Inspections become more infrequent, and owners become more relaxed. Then termites attack, and the owner hasn't got a leg (or stud) left to stand on.


We do things differently. We belive in defense in depth; where even if one barrier fails, the others provide support.


1. 75mm visual barrier and constant inspections by owner. This is a standard, but some owners don't inspect. Some owner's don't maintain the visual gap. However, if this fails...


2. Chemical or physical barrier. We install either a trithor chemical blanket between the slab and bottom plate of the frame, or install a flashing that stops termites from crawling into the house. However, sometimes a stack of firewood against the home, or a poorly built deck by a third party can compromise this barrier, then...


3. T2 treatment of all structural members. Thats right, even if termites managed to get into your new home, granny flat, extension or renovation, there would be nothing to eat anyway! All our structural timber, wether it be used in the floor joists and bearers, the frame or the trusses, is chemically treated against termite attack. 

Family Values.

Being a family business, Mark Wilson understands the importance of family values. Our workers are clean, tidy and punctual. They do not use excessive or vulgar language and know how to work around children, most being family men themselves.

We find this creates a safer and friendlier renovation, extension or new home site.

A one-stop shop.

At Mark Wilson Design and Build, we handle every stage of your building project, so you don't have to worry about a thing. 

From first design concepts all the way through to hand-over, Mark and his team will guide you through every step, taking the stress out of realising your dream home or renovation.

To find our more about the building process, click here.

Our Beginning.

Mark started working for his father, Raymond in the drafting office from a young age, and started building his own homes soon after. While successful in New Zealand, it was time for a change, and in 2000, Mark brought his family over to Australia.

After attaining a QBSA Licence (Builder - Low Rise) to build up to 3 storey residential and 2 storey commercial, Mark started his own business. Combining professional drafting services with the practicallity of building, Mark began serving tenants with the best knowledge and skill from both sides of the same coin.


In 2009, Mark's son completed high school and joined him in the business, working with him to help clients, both interstate and local achieve their dreams, wether it be investing, building, extending or renovating.

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