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My Journey with Double Income Rental Investments

Updated: Jul 25, 2018


Get your money to work for you with positively geared rentals.


Hi, my name is Mark and I want to share with you how I found financial freedom and stability with property investments.

I love positively geared property because  it increases my income as well as my borrowing capacity. I realise the capital gains just like any other investment property. I also get all the tax benefits of a negatively geared property without having to sacrifice my income!

Coming from New Zealand, I was very much into investments. I lost money in everything ranging from property developments, share market trading and speculative buying. As a result I lost all my money... twice!! Needless to say, my wife was not happy with me at all.

When I came over to Australia and qualified for my builders licence, I started working for clients, building their dream extensions, homes and alterations. However, I still wanted to invest into strategies that provided a passive income so that there was not as much stress on my business to provide for my family. This is when I stumbled upon positively geared rentals.

When I talk about positively geared rentals, I am describing a rental property where ALL incoming rent pays for ALL the costs AS WELL AS making me a profit. Yes, that includes interest, mortgage repayments, rates, water, maintenance and management fees! In fact, the strategy worked so well that I am doing at least one every year for myself.

It Does Work!

This first property is a double-story home with one set of tenants living upstairs and one set downstairs.

Upstairs is huge, with 4 bedrooms, 3 living rooms and spacious deck. A/C, Miele appliances in the kitchen and big double garage.

Downstairs is a 2 bedroom flat with full kitchen, deck and lounge.

Total rental income: $850/week.

My Next Property

This next property is a project we are building right now. And yes, you are looking at two full homes on a single block on the same title, which will be rented to two sets of tenants. The income from this property is over $900/week, and is rented out right now. The main house has 4 bedrooms, huge kitchen/dining areas and a fantastic view. The second has 3 bedrooms with a full master bedroom and ensuite!

As you can imagine, the rental return from these properties is very exciting. Not only am I making over $250/week profit - thats cash in hand - I am also benefitting from the capital gains. This allows me to leverage my existing properties and keep buying more because with positively geared rentals my buying power actually increases. All our properties are 100% council approved and certified.

My Challenge for You!

Stop working for your money - make your money work for you.

Stop buying into the lie that negative gearing is the only possible way to invest.

Take hold of your financial future!

Kickstart the financial snowball that is positively geared rentals today!

What's Next?

Positively geared rentals start at $380,000 for $700+/week rent in lower socio-economic areas. Fancier areas can cost $700,000 for $900+/week rent.

Click here to contact us now for an obligation FREE quote.

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