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Granny Flats

A true dual pillared approach to property investment.

Increase your cash flow or comfortably house family members without harming your capital growth prospects

For decades not only have Builders Brisbane proved a trusted name in delivering exceptional new homes, development projects and extensions, but our devout understanding and love for property investment has allowed us to assist clients in building their financial futures through constructing high quality, functional secondary dwellings.

More colloquially referred to as a 'Granny Flat' - a quality Secondary Dwelling can provide the perfect solution for any Queensland property owner looking to either house a loved one a little closer to home or establish a secondary income stream from their investment. Approved by council and ready to rent - allow us to guide you through the entire process!

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A Source of Income

If you are a savvy investor looking to extract a positive return from their property, look no further than the addition of an independently rented Granny Flat.

Often used as one of the best strategic tools to develop cash flow by countless investors all across Australia, recent changes made by the Queensland Government have made the process of constructing a secondary source of income all the more simplistic for Queensland owners and investors.

Read our latest blog post about the changes to Queensland Secondary Dwellings

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Housing Relatives

More and more people are choosing to build granny flats for their older parents or travelling relatives. They are self-enclosed and self reliant. Fantastic for people looking to live closer to the family, no matter the situation.

Turn Key Solutions

At Builders Brisbane, we pride ourselves on our ability to operate as an outlier in the construction space, with Simplicity and Integrity sitting proudly at the core of our values system.

We value a collaborative, evidence based approach and since handing over our first Granny Flat in 2012 not only have we guided countless clients and investors through the process of constructing high quality secondary dwellings but have worked alongside highly regarded Financial Planners, Buyers Agents and Property Managers to tailor strategic solutions for their clients too!

Over a decade's worth of accrued experience and constant refinement allows us to consistently deliver a seamless 'turn key' granny flat experience. From your initial viability check to the coordinated handover of your new property you will have end to end guidance and support.

Can I Build a Granny Flat on My Property?

This is one of the biggest questions we are asked by eager clients on a consistent basis and for good reason - town planning can be highly complex!

Though predominantly labelled as 'accepted development' in most areas of South East Queensland there are some small details that may preclude certain properties from the ability to support a secondary dwelling.

To learn more or have our expert team conduct a complimentary viability check for you please reach out to us below and we'll guide you in the right direction.

Contact us for a complimentary remote viability check

Contact us for a complimentary remote viability check

A Superior Building Process

We believe communication is key. This is just one of the reasons our clients come back to us.

Assessment And Viability Check


Although most council region's of Brisbane classify Granny Flats as 'Accepted Development' there are specific requirements, design elements and precluding factors that may hinder or impact your own Granny Flat.

Whether you are considering building a Granny Flat on an existing property or perhaps conducting due diligence on an upcoming purchase, we begin every new client relationship with a thorough viability check.

Conducted remotely and complimentary, we evaluate your property to give total certainty and peace of mind from the outset whether a Granny Flat is possible, what you will need to consider and how we make it a reality!

Define Your Build and Sign Your Preliminary Contract


Once we have established viability we will work with you collaboratively to define your vision for the Granny Flat. This is the perfect opportunity to combine your strategic goals with our wealth of building experience to design your ideal project.

Utilise one of our standard designs, meticulously refined and tailored to suit specific areas of Brisbane or start from scratch and design your Granny Flat from the ground up - this first phase of planning allows for us to deliver your site specific pricing expectations

.Once we have developed your concept plans, we then move to a preliminary agreement and perform a scope of work all requisite to delivering you a fixed price building contract.

It is our firm belief that the client should never be responsible for escalations in pricing during the course of construction. Performing basic preliminary investigations allow for us to identify any potential problems before they arise, leaving you with total peace of mind surrounding the cost of your Granny Flat.

Reviewing and Signing Your Fixed Price Building Contract


Once preliminary work is complete we will present you with a fixed price HIA building contract, ready to be signed. Regulated by the Housing Industry Association, your HIA contract provides meticulous support to you as the client whilst allocating risk fairly, outlining obligations and regimenting all legislative requirements.

Along with your HIA contract you will receive your:

- Construction plans and Drawings
- Specifications and Inclusions Details
- Fixed Site Costs and Costing Breakdown
- Soil Test- Foundation Engineering

..and most importantly!

Your Construction Start Date (pending finance)

Building Commences!


Once you have signed your HIA contract and confirmed your proof of finance to support the build we are all set to get started.

Upon commencement you will be introduced to your personal project manager and site supervisor, provided with a construction brief and confirmation of your build timeline and most importantly set up with your client portal.

At Builders Brisbane we are huge believers that transparency creates accountability and perhaps more importantly that clear communication absolves of most of the stresses related to building!

It is for this reason we connect your client portal directly to our own project timelines. One source of truth for both builder and client that details in real time every detail pertaining to your build from inception right through to handover.

Never again feel like you are out of the loop with your construction project!

End of Contract & Final Certification


Once the final stage of the contract is realised, the final payment is calculated and any adjustments made, with full clarity so you can see exactly what credits you are receiving from the builder. The final checks are made and before hand over, Sean will go with you through your new home, extension or renovation and discuss any issues that you have with the final product. Once these issues are rectified and you are happy with the work, we hand over the keys.

The Building Services Authority or BSA enforce a six and a half year warranty on the structure. Which means as time goes on, if you are not happy, you have full legal standing, as well as Builders Brisbane's 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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